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Seymour 2026

Seymour 2026:  A Visionary Summit

Tuesday, October 25th
7 PM
Seymour Land Conservation Trust Hall
13 Chatfield Street

Q:  What is Seymour 2026?

A:  Seymour 2026 is a visionary summit designed to delve into where our town will be in 10 years.  Stakeholders throughout Seymour's government have had an opportunity to provide input for Seymour's 10-year strategic plan.  Seymour 2026 represents an opportunity for members of the public to do the same, and voice their opinions at the same level as their elected officials.

Q:  Why was I invited?

A:  You are a leader in the community.  As the head of a business, non-profit or other community organization, you have been entrusted to guide and grow your group.  You have an active stake in the community and we want to know what you think.

Q:  What will the event entail?

A:  The event will be an interactive experience, where attendees will work directly with municipal officials to prioritize and organize Seymour's needs from the public perspective.  Too often, governmental leaders get stuck, able to approach issues only as an insider.  You can provide some fresh perspective and show municipal leaders where the public's priorities lie.

Q:  What do I bring?

A:  You need only bring your opinions.  Dinner, drinks and all other materials will be provided.  Please give some thought to the following questions:

1)  What are Seymour's economic priorities?
2)  How do we create and maintain a town that we, our children and our grandchildren want to call home?
3)  What are the key challenges facing your organization?

Please RSVP by October 11th at or (203) 888-2511.