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Town Departments > Column 3 > Tax Collector

Tax Collector Department

Department Info


Contact: Tax Collector
Dana D. Flach, C.C.M.C.

Assistant Tax Collector
Sue Boland , C.C.M.C
Location: Town Hall
1 First Street
Seymour, CT 06483
Hours: 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM Friday
Telephone: (203) 888-0517
Fax: (203) 881-3491

Online Tax Payment

Credit Card fee - 2.5 % ($2 minimum)
E-Check Flat Fee - $2
Visa Debit Fee - $3.95

We Accept:  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express

PAY-BY-PHONE now available (fees apply) - 1-833-440-3767

Water assessment payments cannot be paid online or with credit/debit card.

  • The Tax Collector's office is responsible for maintaining all tax records and for collecting taxes due to the Town of Seymour by all means allowed by State Statute.
  • Collection of taxes is based off a grand list of each October 1st as certified by the Assessor's office.  Tax amounts are determined by a budget approved by a town meeting and/or referendum, with a corresponding mill rate set by the Board of Finance.
  • Property taxes are levied on all taxable assessed property on the grand list of October 1 prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and covers through the following September 30.
  • Real Estate and Personal Property (business) taxes higher than $100.00 are due and payable in two equal installments, on July 1 and January 1 following the levy date.
  • Real Estate and Personal Property (business) taxes lower than $100.00 are due and payable in one installment on July 1 following the levy date.
  • Motor vehicle taxes are due and payable in one installment on July 1 following the levy date.
  • Supplemental Motor Vehicle tax bills cover from the date of registration after October 1 through September 30 and are due and payable in one installment on January 1 following the levy date.
  • A 30-day grace period is provided for all taxes that are due.
  • If you are paying your Motor Vehicle/Supplemental taxes late and you need a release/clearance for the DMV to register any vehicle in your name, payment must be made in Cash, Money Order or a Certified Bank Check.  No personal or business checks will be accepted.
  • Failure to receive a tax bill does not prevent delinquent fees!

Frequently Asked Questions

A pre-addressed return envelope, with a Hartford P.O. Box, is enclosed for your convenience. This address represents the town's lockbox service. Please include the correct portion of your tax bill along with payment. The lockbox service is setup to process only the current grand list year.

Why are my payments going to Hartford?
A. The new Lockbox feature that the Town of Seymour is using processing payments in Hartford, CT.  This is not an error!

What is Lockbox?
A. A lockbox is a collection and processing service provided by a network of financial institutions that accelerates the flow of funds to Town of Seymour.
When are payments due?
A: For fiscal 2016/2017, the first payment is due July 1,2017 and the second payment is due January 1,2018.

How can I make payments?
A: BY MAIL: If a receipt is desired, please send the entire bill and a stamped self-addressed envelope. Checks made payable to: TAX COLLECTOR - SEYMOUR.
A: IN PERSON: Please bring the entire bill to the the Collector's Office, 1 First Street, Seymour

I did not receive my tax bill. Why must I pay the interest?
A: Failure to receive a tax bill does not invalidate the tax or interest per State statute 12-130.