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Winter Parking Ban & FAQs

Date: December 3, 2020

Parking Ban 2020-2021

Winter Parking Ban 2020-2021
The winter parking ban will be in effect DECEMBER 1, 2020 thru March 31, 2021.
Parking will be allowed on the EVEN side of the street for entire winter season
(December 2020, January 2021, February 2021, and March 2021)
The ban is in effect daily from 12:00 Midnight until 6:00AM regardless of weather conditions
and during any active storm regardless of the time of day
ve-.eles must be leiaiiJ parked without IBQiedlnd Ole normal Dow or trame
Below is a list of streets that are exceptions to the EVEN side of street parking
If your street is not listed below you must park on the EVEN side of the street
Off-street parking is highly encouraged whenever possible


Smith Street Odd side only
Washington Avenue From Grand Street North to Rt 67 (parking odd side only)
New Street Exempt Parking on both sides
Seymour Avenue Odd side only
Cherry Street West side only
Bungay Court Parking only on the North side
Rimmondale Street Parking on the odd side only
Ray Street Parking on the South side only
School Street Exempt- parking allowed on Both sides
Grand Street odd side parking (across from Wood Street in the parking area)
Farrell Street Parking on odd side only
Woodside Ave Parking on odd side only
Humphrey Street Odd side from Washington Ave to James ST
Capricorn Drive Odd side only from Skokorat st. to North Star Drive
West Street Odd side only between #63 to #77

Violation of the Winter Parking Ban is a $30.00 fine


Sidewalk Snow Removal

  • Property owners must clear sidewalks within the first 6 hours of daylight immediately following the accumulation of any snow.
  • In cases of ice, property owners will also have the first 6 hours of daylight immediately following an ice storm to apply sand or other suitable material and to renew such treatment as often as may be necessary to keep such sidewalk safe and convenient.
  • Path must be wide enough for two people to pass.
  • Ramps and curb cuts must be cleared
  • You may be fined up to $100 a day until the situation is remedied if you do not comply.
  • If you would like to file a complaint about an uncleared walkway, contact the Seymour Police Department at {203} 881-7600.

Road Treatment

  • Roads will be treated in order of priority, main roads, steep hills and problem intersections first.
  • Residents are responsible for clearing snow deposited by plows at the base of driveways.
  • Snow and ice from sidewalks and driveways cannot be deposited in the roadway.
  • Property owners are responsible for violations by contractors

Winter Parking Ban

  • In effect from December 1st through March 31st, Midnight- 6 AM
  • In effect regardless of weather conditions.
  • Parking is ALLOWED on the EVEN side of the street.
  • Off-street parking is encouraged whenever possible.
  • Fine is $30 per day
  • Exceptions to the parking ban
    • Bungay Court (North side only)
    • Capricorn Drive (Odd side only from Skokorat Street to North Star Drive)
    • Farrell Street (Odd side only)
    • Grand Street (Odd side parking (across from Wood Street in the parking area)
    • Humphrey Street (Odd side from Washington Avenue to James Street)
    • New Street (Exempt-parking on Both sides)
    • Second Avenue (Odd side only)
    • Smith Street (Odd side only)
    • Washington Avenue (From Grand Street north to Route 67 (parking on Odd side Only)
    • West Street (Odd side only between #63 to #77)
    • Woodside Avenue (Parking on Odd side only)