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Town of Seymour Charter and Code of Ordinances:

Proposed Changes to the Charter
Notice of Proposed Charter Amendments 2012.PDF- This document includes the only the proposed changes to the current Town of Seymour Charter redlined.

Charter Revision Commission Final Report 8-30-12- This document includes the entire current Town of Seymour Charter redlined to show proposed changes.

Approved by Board of Selectmen on September 4, 2012

Proposed changes will be presented to Seymour voters on the ballot on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Charter Revisions 2008

Draft Report to the Board of Selectmen 7-31-08.pdf

Charter Revisions 2006

Draft Report 2 8-3-06

Charter Revisions 2005

Section 12 Charter Revisions
EMS Oversight Commission