South Main Street Road Work

UPDATE - September 15, 2021

Water Main work has continued onto Bryson Avenue. Installation of 8-inch piping will conclude by the end of the week, but Aquarion has not yet provided a specific end-date.

UPDATE - August 3, 2021

Aquarion has installed approximately 2400’  of new water main.   The first section of 1200’ has passed disinfection testing and we will begin pressure testing this week. Crews will continue to follow the pipe laying crew as we get additional water main into service.   We are currently working near house number 197 and will continue to work south from there.

Aquarion Water Company will begin water main work on South Main Street between Maple Street and Colony Road. Crews will be on-site weekdays, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. South Main Street will remain open for the duration of the project with personnel to direct traffic. Work will continue along South Main Street through November. Aquarion will provide updates that the Town will communicate on our Website,, and social media pages, Please direct questions to the First Selectwoman’s Office at (203) 888-2511.

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