Winter Parking Ban 2021-2022

The winter parking ban will be in effect December 1, 2021 through March 31, 2022.


The ban is in effect daily from 12 Midnight until 6:00 AM regardless of weather conditions and during any active storm regardless of the time of day.


Parking is allowed on the ODD side of the street for the duration of the parking ban.

Vehicles must be legally parked without impeding the normal flow of traffic.


The following is a list of streets that require special instructions.

Unless found below, you must park on the odd-side of the street only.

Off-street parking is highly encouraged whenever possible.


Apple Lane – On-street parking on both side of the streets is allowed.

Bungay Court – Parking on north-side only.

Cherry Street – Parking on even-side only.

Culver Street – Between Third Avenue and Wood Street, parking is only allowed on the even-side only.

Gary Park Drive – Park on even-side only.

George Street – Parking is only allowed in front of #12 through #20. 

Humphrey Street – Between James Street and South Main Street, parking is allowed on the even-side only.

Knorr Avenue – Between #20 to #34, parking is allowed on the even-side only. 

Manners Avenue – Between Richards Avenue and Renney Road, parking is allowed on the even-side only.

New Street – Parking allowed on both sides of the street.

Pond Street – Parking is allowed on the even-side only.

Sawn Avenue – Parking on the upper portion of Swan Avenue is allowed on the east-side only.


Violation of the Winter Parking Ban is enforced, and will resulted in a $30 fine per occurrence.

All questions must be directed to the Seymour Police Department (203) 881-7600

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