General Information
Town Counsel
Berchem, Moses & Devlin, PC

Town Counsel

Any requests for Town Cousel MUST go through the First Selectman's Office

The Town Counsel is assigned by the First Selectman and approved by the Board of Selectmen.  The Town Counsel is responsible for all legal matters for the Town of Seymour.

The Town Counsel appears for and protects the rights of the Town in all actions, suits, or proceedings brought by or against the Town or any of its officers and agencies before any court, tribunal, agency or other body where it is for the best interest of the Town to have legal representation.

The Town Counsel is the legal advisor to the First Selectman and the Board of Selectmen, and as such advisor attends meetings of the Board of Selectmen, Town Meetings, Annual Town Meetings and other meetings as the First Selectman shall designate.

The Town Counsel reviews all proposed ordinances, contracts, and other instruments submitted by the Board of Selectmen.  He reviews the matters to be presented at all Town Meetings in advance of the meetings in order to assure the orderly disposition of the business at the meeting.

The Town Counsel shall have the power, with the approval to the Board of Selectmen, to compromise or settle any claims by or against the Town.

Any other officer or the chairman of any other board may request that Town Counsel, upon approval by the First Selectman, appear at a meeting or render a written opinion on any matter concerning the Town.