2024 - 2025 Budget

General Information

The First Selectwoman, along with our Board of Finance, work together to craft the Town's annual budget. Throughout February and March, residents have the opportunity to provide input at public meetings and forums. Your input is invaluable, because it is the residents of Seymour that have the final say on whether our proposed budget passes. Below you will find information about the budget process. This page will be updated frequently.

 Important notices will be communicated via our Facebook Page and CodeRED alert system.

2025 Budget Information

2024 -2025 Mill Rate is 36.84 on real estate and personal property. The mill rate for motor vehicles is 32.46.
To calculate the taxes on your home (for example, a home priced at $300,000):

  1.     Obtain the appraised value of your home ($300,000)
  2.     Multiply the appraised value of your home by 0.70 (or 70%) to determine the assessed value of your home  
  3.     Multiply your home's assessed value by 0.03684 (the proposed mill rate).
  4.     Property taxes on a home appraised at $300,000 are $7,736

Letter from the First Selectwoman

Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Finance

2025 Budget Summary

2025 Property Tax Calculation

2025 Revenues

2025 Expenses

2025 Town Debt Service

Click here to view an outline and timeline of the full budget process.