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Eversource Tree Maintenance

With winter weather comes power outages. While they can be a nuisance, we must proactively prepare to reduce the chances of potentially dangerous extended outages. Regular maintenance of trees surrounding power lines is one of the best ways to prevent or lessen the duration of power outages. Below, you will find helpful information about Eversource's planned tree-trimming in Seymour. We will update this page as we receive additional information.

Update (12/16/2021): Lewis Tree service is beginning to knock on doors to obtain permission for trimming in the area of Rt 34 and Rt 188.

Map of Proposed Tree Trimming

Informational Flyer (2 Pages) - This is an exact copy of the informational flyer Eversource will provide to every household with proposed tree work. It also outlines the appeal process.

Proposal Form - This document will be provided to every household or property owner with proposed tree trimming. Eversource will leave the document in a hanging enclosure at your door. They ask that you complete and sign the form, then rehang it on your door.

  • This year, Eversource will perform 56 miles of tree trimming in Seymour.
  • Trees that are damaged, contacting wires, or at risk of falling are prioritized, followed by those that are nearing power lines.
  • Stanley Tree and Lewis Tree will work in Seymour on behalf of Eversource.
  • Every individual or company hired by Eversource is required to clearly display an identification badge on their person.
  • This maintenance is free. Never engage or interact with someone who cannot produce identification or requests payment. Please report any suspicious activity to the Seymour Police Department’s non-emergency line at (203) 881-7500.
  • If tree work is scheduled on your property, Eversource will leave a form hanging from your door explaining the scope of their work. Sign the form and hang it on your door in the provided enclosure if you agree with the work.
  • Property owners have the right to refuse or request a change to the suggested trimming. The details of the appeal process are outlined in the attached documents at the top of the page.
  • All questions should be directed to Eversource (800-286-2000) or Lewis Tree Service (860-519-3559